Monday, April 13, 2015

Andrew and Julia

Mike and I Met Julia and Andrew back in our home state of Virginia. I was more than delighted they hired me as their photographer. It was great seeing them again and meeting the rest of their extended family members. 

The Dress

Getting Ready for the Ceremony 



Often, as a photographer you have to get to know the family a little first before you can start chiding around with them. But it was evident from the start that this family had a great sense of humor (something I value). 
A sense of humor can make photoshoots even more enjoyable then they already are.



The First Dance 


The Cake


Mike nor Christie (my trusted assistants) could accompany me on this photoshoot. However, it just so happened that Andrews nephew, Chris Spadafora, is quite gifted with the camera. I handed him one of my cameras and he went to town with it. Many of the shots on this blog post are his and the ones that I was able to capture was because I had him on “my team”.

He worked just as hard as I did--I feel like I owe him a lot helping me with this wedding.
With that said, I hope you, and especially the bride and groom enjoy the photos.
It was certainly my pleasure taking them!