Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Nipko Family

This Family was so great! They were a joy to take photos of. I found this family, warm, laid back, loving and lots of fun!


 This was my second to last photo-shoot before my big surgery the following week. When Amy, the mom, came by my house to pick up the cd of photos, she brought an adorable gift bag filled with a book, lotion, various treats and a heartfelt note.

Amy will have no idea how much that touched my heart. While I was spending a slightly lonely mother’s day in the hospital, missing my husband and babies and in lots of pain, I pulled out the book Amy gave me, which is entitled “I am a Mother”. How appropriate. 

My eyes began to tear up as I read the forward by Sheri Dew and the divine importance of motherhood. Amy did not know that I would be in the hospital over mothers day. She also did not know that my soul needed lifting. Truly the Lord blesses us through people like Amy who listen to his promptings and act on them.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ashley-- Senior photoshoot and Mission application photo

 Salt Lake Temple

My I say that Ashley (and her mom, Jill) are our next door neighbors. They helped us moved in when we arrived here last year.Their family has mowed our lawn more then we deserve, brought us dinners and have served us in so many ways since moving here. 
Im so happy for you Ashley! 
You will take the world  by storm!

Kaitlyn Senior Photos

  Kaitlyn is a darling young lady. She is graduating this year-- I am guessing--- with honors. She is bright, Lovely and extremely fun to take photos of. She has gorgeous hair and the lens kept picking up the blue in her eyes.

 Kaitlyn was accepted to the University of Utah, which I hear is a very good school. 
 With the stack of books she brought to the photoshoot, she is well prepared. 

Best Friends

Utah State 
or Bust!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Neilson Gender Reveal

Since moving to Utah, we have made friends with the Neilson Family. 
They are a wonderful family-- lots of fun and very genuine. 
I have had the privilege of following Shannon’s pregnancy through the lens.

It’s a Boy!!!!

I was touched that Shannon let us participate in this special “revealing” moment that will be life changing for their family.

Mikey (who is 6) came with me to this photo-shoot.

Mikey had one camera and I had the other. 
I dare you to figure out which photos are mine and which ones are his. He is getting to be quite the photographer....