Monday, April 21, 2014

Big announcement!!!

Our Dear friends let us be apart of their special announcement.
 Baby #3 will be here in October. 


 We are so excited for Truman and Shannon and their growing family!

  Thanks Shannon for letting me be apart of you special announcement! 

Wendys' Family



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Lady MaryCate"

I have never used my photography blog to “display or advertise” my children….

 I am making an exception in this case.


….Now you know why I made the exception....

.....and why my darling is referred to as “lady MaryCate”. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

McKinney and Simmons Fall Family Photoshoot

Mom and Dad McKinney

Eric, Brianna 
and precious Emily Rose McKinney 

Josh and Elesha


The Nakae Family


                                                                   Two "men" and a baby

What can I say about my two boys in this picture?  When possible, these two fellas come with me to smaller photo-shoots.  They didn't know I was taking this picture as they walked across the field. I could imagine Mikey giving some Dinosaur facts to his daddy. 
This picture warms my heart.

 Sibling Fun Fun fun!

Christie and Bruce 

Is it possible to take a bad picture of these two?!!! I don't think so. 


I have seen often husbands who will not "do" pictures. It was very refreshing observing how much Bruce thought of his wife's' feelings during the shoot. 

I love this Family! 

My words to Mike on the way home...

"That was such a fun shoot. 
I sure love them."