Saturday, July 11, 2015

Marcus and Gina Martin Wedding Reception

Gina and Marcus were married last year. 
They are both officers in the US army. 

This photoshoot was taken of their reception they did not get to have the previous year. 

Here are some highlights of the evening

As you can see from the photos, they are expecting a new addition to their family.

Gina has two teenage twin daughters who were present and delightful.



I thought the cute mini "camouflage" shoes were adorable!    

This was one of the most relaxed receptions I have ever attended. 

The bride and groom radiated goodness and so did their guests.

 The patriotic theme was seen throughout the entire reception. 

While I was running around, I did not have a chance to convey how proud I was to see so much patriotism displayed.

 As a side note; 

On my dad’s side of the family, through our genealogy, we have traced our military heritage.

We have had an ancestor(s) that has fought in each American war.

My dad, Uncles, Grandmother, both grandfathers, cousins, numerous friends etc— have all served their time in the military. 

That is something I am very proud of. 

I consider allegiance to my country very seriously. And I was more than pleased to be apart of a reception that reflected those values that I hold so dearly.
This shot above; 
The hat, the saber and the wedding bands might be my favorite of the evening....

The cake topper was custom made
and it was well worth the money spent.

And who doesn't think cutting a wedding cake with a saber isn't darn cool?!!!

I felt like I should thank this lovely couple for their service to our country. 

But since I couldn’t thank them in person, this will hopefully have to do. J

I wish Marcus and Gina the very best! 

Thank you for allowing me be a part of this lovely, patriotic reception!