Saturday, November 29, 2014

JM Photography summary of photography

JM Photography summary of photography

This video is a summary of my photography. 
Please take a look and send some feedback my way! 

At JM Photography we specialize in capturing those special moments you want to remember!

We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to having your pictures taken. We offer unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. We do outdoor photos and are willing to travel for a special appointment.
Packages can be customized to fit your individual needs.
In addition to weddings, I offer custom family and individual portraiture. No hourly rates apply and there is no limit to the number of potential photographs. 
At JM Photography we get the “perfect shot” without compromising your budget!!!
And most importantly, we want you to have fun on the shoot.  I think, most of my clients can say they had fun while we were "making history" with their family through the lens.
If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss the prices of the shoots and packages my numbers are:
Cell 540-817-0779
Home 801-998-8578
Thanks for the interest! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

JM Photography

This is a sample video of my photography. 
However, the music isn't working the way I wanted it to--
uh well, just look at the pictures. ;)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Cody Nielson Newborn



  Baby Cody was perfect throughout the entire photoshoot.  He is as perfect as he looks.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Shannon Neilson Maternity Shoot

Baby Nielsen is due October the 19th

I asked Shannon if I could release the name of their little boy. But they have not decided on a name yet.  
Although, I think I can mention that their little boy, Owen (3), would like to name the new baby “Bumblebee” or “Heat Wave” from transformers.


Isn't it amazing how beautiful someone looks when they are expecting? 
They literally DO have a "glow" about them.  

  Shannon is no exception. 
Her skin glowed, her hair was shiny and she had the “perfect pregnant tummy”.

This photo-shoot required a few outfit changes and lots of walking. 
By the time it was over she had to help me to the car. She was an absolute trooper—not out of breath once. 


 See what I mean?
—she is a “glowing” mother.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kristy and Ved Wedding and Reception

  Christie (of CG photography) asked me to assist her on this wedding. The location was held at “Noah’s Event Venue” in South Jordan.

  It was great being the assistant photographer on this shoot. It takes loads of pressure off and I was free to take more candid’s and less posed photos then I normally would.


 Christies’ husband Bruce manned the photo booth while we swarmed the wedding party and surrounding venue.

I loved This dress! 
The Bride looked stunning in it!

 The three of us had so much fun that night- despite my losing my car keys for over two hours. Way too long of a story to get in to. But lets just say, it was a typical “me” episode (of course with a lot of laughs). 

How adorable are these two brothers?
 I couldn't get enough of these cute kids.

 The Ceremony was sweet and very sincere

  This little girl named “Harlow” completely stole my heart. I wanted to take her home.

Also there was one man in particular that had had way too much to drink and kept getting Christie and I mixed up until he finally saw us together. The double take he took of us was classic. He even shook his head a little bit.

 It was a great wedding with great music, food and amazing people! 

I love Christie and Bruce and would assist them on a wedding anytime!

Good luck to the Happy Couple-- it looks like they are going to have a blast on their new venture together called "Marriage"!